What of Kind of Soldier are "You"???

Only "YOU" can answer these questions and determine whether & if you bring Value to the chapter and make it stronger and better.

1.Don't go to the meetings.

2.If the weather is bad - don't even think of going.

3.If you do go to a meeting, find fault with everything and keep a conversation going while the` meeting is in progress.

4.If you go chapter meeting - be late & leave early.

5.Never accept an office, committee, or lead position in the chapter. It is much easier to sit back and criticize.

6.Accept an officer position in the chapter, but DO NOT perform the duties and responsibilities that the officer position entails.

7.If appointed to a committee, don't participate in their meetings. If not appointed, get peeved & bitch about it.

8.When asked for your opinion, reply that you have no comments, but after the meeting tell everyone else how things should have

have done.

9.Do nothing more than absolutely necessary, but when others do the "lion's share or take the lead" be sure to tell everyone else how

the chapter, Frontier, or Association is being run.

10.Have “Off-line” meetings with other Soldiers in order to form your own cliques or coalitions, this ALWAYS helpful in fostering

Brotherhood and Camaraderie within the chapter.

11. Use the club as an alibi for your non-club related activities such as bar-hopping, girl chasing, or attending mc affairs that may not

be in the best interest of the chapter.

12. Are you WEARING your Colors??? Or are your Colors wearing YOU??? Nice to have on when you attend events or MC a functions, but are you

really a "player or participant" in chapter activities???