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Ride Overview:

Introduce Ride Captain and all working Road Captains Ask if any riders are new or are non-members – get forms signed Review route, planned stops and any known riding conditions Review sub-group size(s) and assign radio channels – if applicable Tactfully, ask if anyone has a Med-Alert tag or any condition that might impact their riding today

Rules of the ride:

Start with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder Ride in a staggered formation with 1 and 2 second intervals Fill all slots by moving forward – Not across tracks! No track changes unless directed by Road Captain Lane Changes – Front to Back after sweep securers lane! Point out road hazards with hand or foot signal Obey all traffic laws – especially the NO BLOCKING rule (STATE SPECIFIC) Don’t run Red Lights or play follow-the-leader just to keep up - we will not leave you behind! Don’t speed or weave to catch-up – we will not leave you behind! Let traffic in to formation (Don’t play with the cages!) Signal a R.C. if you are having trouble, need to stop or leave the ride Ride channel is for safety, listen but please change channel for chit-chat

No attitudes – Everyone rides their own ride and stays within their comfort zone – We would rather wait than Wake!

Galveston Bay BSMC Pre-Ride Procedures

Riding Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Foundation