"Full Patch" Membership Criteria

All applicants must meet the following minumum criteria in order to become a member:

Be nominated at a monthly meeting by a "Full Patch" member in good standing.Complete a membership application and emergency medical record.Be licensed to operate a motorcycleOwn a motorcycle of at least 750cc's at the time of

membership application.

Be available to participate in at least 50% of

scheduled monthly meetings and Buffalo Soldier

rides or chapter events annually.

Have no criminal recordSuccessfully complete a minimum probationary period of at least Six (6) months.Carry a majority vote of acceptance from the "Full Patch members in "Good Standing" the chapter's

Executive Committee.

Agree to abide by both Galveston Bay and the

National Association of Buffalo Soldiers

Motorcycle Clubs' By-Laws and Constitution.

Associate Membership Criteria

Associate membership & Colors refers to a patch holder who does not ride or own a motorcycle.

Associate members have the same responsibilities to the Club as a "Full Patch" members.

Candidates for Associate membership must have their Membership Application Form submitted by a "Full Patch" member in good stand & with approval of all other Full Patch members..