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The Road Captains or designee shall debrief and evaluate each ride based

on the following criteria:

1. Route Plan – minimum of a 50 to 200 mile round trip route:

Does the route include sufficient and frequent enough rest stops taking into account the limitations of all models of bikes?

2. Pre-ride meeting:

Was the pre-ride clear and concise? Y - N

Did the Road Captain complete the pre-ride brief? Y - N

3. Acceleration from a stop:

Did the Road Captain accelerate at a pace that enables all riders to comfortably join the group? Y - N

4. Urban Driving:

Did the Road Captain lead the group through an urban environment as to minimize the disruption of the group due to other traffic, stop signs, stop lights, etc? Y - N

5. Lane Changes:

While acting as Lead, were lane changes well planned, necessary and kept to a minimum? Y - N

6. Lane Changes:

While acting as Lead, were lane changes properly executed? Y - N

7. Lane Changes:

While acting as Sweep, did the Road Captain execute the lane changes properly? Y - N

8. Hand Signals:

Were hand signals clearly given and held up until acknowledged by the next rider? Y - N

9. Hand Signals:

Were hand signals performed in a timely manner? Y - N

10. Traffic Lane Selection:

Was the group lead in the appropriate traffic lanes given road conditions and route of travel? Y - N

11. Passing:

Was passing kept to a minimum and if performed, done in a safe manner?

Y - N

12. While acting as Sweep:

Did the Road Captain recognize unsafe situations and safely correct riders?

Y - N

13. While acting as Sweep:

If the group splits up, did the Road Captain assume the lead position? Y - N

Road Captain After Ride Debrief